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Meri Thermostat


Momentum's Smart WiFi Thermostat - Meri
The newest release from the Momentum Security Giant comes in the shape of a modern smart WiFi thermostat that is ideally suited and engineered for your home and office. It's heavy in smart features and light on the wallet. With a fraction of the cost of the Nest home thermostat with all of the features plus many more, the dollar/feature on the Meri thermostat is rivaled by no other smart thermostat on the market today.

Can the Momentum Meri run set time intervals?
Yes! The momentum thermostat can run in several time frames and options.
You can set it to only run from 8am to 12noon, if a certain temp is reached or only in the hours when you’re home.

Can the thermostat set a high and low-temperature range?
Yes! The Meri thermostat does have the ability to program a range so your room temperature will be maintained to your desired level.

Does the display stay lit and is easy to see?
Yes! The thermostat has a bright, high-resolution color screen that is visible from across the room.

Does it detect humidity levels inside the house?
Yes! The thermostat does have a built-in humidity sensor that can detect the humidity level inside.


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Technical Specs:
Color Touchscreen
Screen Resolution320x420 TFT LCD
Power Source24VAC
Temperature SensorNTC
Temperature Range"Heating: 40°F – 90°F
Cooling: 50°F – 99°F"
Working Environment0°C ~ +45°C
Relative Humidity5%~95%RH (non-condensing)
MaterialPC ABS

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24/7 Stream & Two-Way Audio

Stream into your device anytime and use the built-in microphone & speaker to talk with your visitors.

Night Vision

Infared LEDs are built-in to allow you to see in the dark. Eagle-eyed by day, owl-eyed by night.

Smart Alerts

Set your custom rules to receive smart motion alerts on-the-go through the Momentum Cloud.